HEY! I GRADUATED TO “FARMER”. Check out our farm’s website at www.DaisyDukeFarm.com

Our Shih Tzu, Miss Betsy, loves to help in the garden

I am an opportunistic gardener.  First, I garden every opportunity I get! We own our own business so I have to squeeze time into my day whenever I can. For me, I like to be in the garden as soon as the sun comes up and get my gardening tasks done while it’s cool, then I head in to work at the store.

Second, since we live several miles from civilization and because I like to get a project done while it’s in my head, I try to use what I have on hand, taking advantage of the opportunity to repurpose an item whenever I can rather than driving away to fetch something. As a result our flower beds and vegetable gardens evolve into a bit of a hodge-podge, whimsical appearance.

garden therapyWhile I love the look of a formal garden, this concept would never work for me. I’m constantly moving plants around, and I never pass up an opportunity to plant something new – whether it’s something I pick up at a store, a plant a friend shares with me, or transplanting extras – I just feel like I need the freedom to allow the yard to expand without a formal plan, the way nature does it.

What baffles me, year after year, is what to do with the goodies that my garden gives me. I try out a new recipe and write it down, then by the next year I can’t find it any more. So my aim is to organize the blog into a resource for:

  • companion planting – which plants work well with others to maximize production
  • organic gardening tips & tricks
  • delicious ways of preparing the healthy fruits & veggies we grow
  • ways to preserve what we can’t eat fresh

Now that I’m a grandmother I figure it’s time to learn to can and to make jams & jellies. My sister-in-law Cheryl is going to teach me what she knows and we’re going to learn some new things together.

I do a lot of reading about gardening and constantly find new ideas I want to try out. I’m learning to keep my little digital camera outside with me to document results and make this blog a fun project for me to work on. So I’ll share my pictures with you, and hope you’ll share yours with me!


One Response to “WELCOME”

  1. Carole Johnson Says:

    This is awesome! How creative. Having had the opportunity to see your garden, I was extremely impressed with your vegetable boxes. How wonderful to be able to stand up and weed, pick veges, etc. Thank you so much for sharing this picture with me. Your place should be in a magazine. It is a shame to have something so nice and more folks not having the opportunity to see and learn from it.. Carole J.

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