Our Shih Tzu, Miss Betsy, loves to help in the garden

Why am I an opportunistic gardener? First, I garden every opportunity I get! We own our own business so I have to squeeze time into my day whenever I can. For me, I like to be in the garden as soon as the sun comes up and get my gardening tasks done while it’s cool, then I head in to work at the store.

Second, since we live several miles from civilization and because I like to get a project done while it’s in my head, I try to use what I have on hand, taking advantage of the opportunity to repurpose an item whenever I can rather than driving away to fetch something. As a result our flower beds and vegetable gardens evolve into a bit of a hodge-podge, whimsical appearance.

While I love the look of a formal garden, this concept would never work for me. I’m constantly moving plants around, and I never pass up an opportunity to plant something new – whether it’s something I pick up at a store, a plant a friend shares with me, or transplanting extras – I just feel like I need the freedom to allow the yard to expand without a formal plan, the way nature does it.

What baffles me, year after year, is what to do with the goodies that my garden gives me. I try out a new recipe and write it down, then by the next year I can’t find it any more. So my aim is to organize the blog into a resource for:

  • companion planting – which plants work well with others to maximize production
  • organic gardening tips & tricks
  • delicious ways of preparing the healthy fruits & veggies we grow
  • ways to preserve what we can’t eat fresh

Now that I’m a grandmother I figure it’s time to learn to can and to make jams & jellies. My sister-in-law Cheryl is going to teach me what she knows and we’re going to learn some new things together.

I do a lot of reading about gardening and constantly find new ideas I want to try out. I’m learning to keep my little digital camera outside with me to document results and make this blog a fun project for me to work on. So I’ll share my pictures with you, and hope you’ll share yours with me!