old farmers will attest to the comfort of a tractor seat – they might spend hours a day perched on one!

We sell these cast iron reproduction chairs at our store, Victorian Fireplace Shop. We received one damaged in shipment; Mike fixed it but we couldn’t sell it as new so I decided I’d like one at home for our garden.

My deck, yard and garden is a cemetery (err…art display) of misfit cast iron pieces from our store. I can usually find a way to include them and get some use – either decorative or practical – from the stuff that those guys in the brown trucks sometimes mishandle.

I know, of course, that these stools are great as a hearth stool. They’re incredibly comfy to sit on plus they’re completely fireproof so they’re safe to use next to a fireplace or wood stove. It happens that the manufacturer designed them as outdoor pieces so they have a special paint finish that holds up to the weather. So, it’s almost ironic that I’m using it for its intended purpose outdoors rather than for the use for which we actually sell it. Whatever people are doing with them, they’re  hot sellers. Available in a short stool in rust finish or red, or rust finish in a bar stool height.  

I’ve gotta say, I really love this little stool in my yard! If you want one or more for yourself, here’s where to find them, $99 each.