I had a plum tomato volunteer in my garden this year. Actually, it popped up in the border of my teepee, and I just let it stay, not knowing what type it would be. I was overjoyed when I realized it was a plum tomato as I had forgotten to plant any this year.

Plum tomatoes are prized for making sauces and pastes. They are meaty little fruits with little water and only a few, very tiny seeds. So if you’re cooking tomatoes, these save you tons of work.

Don’t bother trying to peel them. As with any tomatoes I’m canning or cooking, I just put the whole tomato into a pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes then remove them to a bowl of ice water. The peel comes right off with no trouble, GREATLY reducing the among of work involved.

Saturday I picked just enough plum tomatoes to make a pot of sauce. I also picked some green and purple bell peppers, some small white onions and some garlic so I was excited that I could make a nice little pasta dish for lunch before I went grocery shopping. I love shopping in my yard for a meal!