After the tornado hit the neighborhood in June, some of the smarter neighbors hired tree service companies to cut and mulch their downed trees. Mike kindly offered to let them empty their mulching truck debris in our pony pasture. Since the wood was green, it needs to sit and “cook” before we can use it, otherwise it would have burned up the plants.

My husband Mike and his sister Cheryl got inspired by the big mulch pile, envisioning it as the centerpiece for a great Halloween burial yard. While I was busy with more practical tasks, they spent a couple of days bringing their vision to life. Put those 2 together and they feed off of each other; they’re like a couple of 10 year olds with drivers licenses and enough money to indulge their creative imaginations. Since our neighborhood has all of 14 houses in it and half of those people live closer to the main road, there are perhaps all of a dozen people who will see this. No matter, they giggle every time they see it while leaving the driveway.

The picture up top is Cheryl and our grandson Jeffrey. The neighbor dog, Mo, is checking out the graveyard. 

Mike made us these headstones. He is neither bald nor dumpy. Below is the two of us with Jeffrey; I gotta admit, I look pretty scary here