Here I am with our daughter Jessica holding Elly Grace and my mom Carole. 4 generations of women!

On November 19 our only child Jessica has now delighted us with our third grandchild and first grand-daughter, Elenore Grace, who shall be called Elly.

Having raised only a girl myself, Elly’s brothers (Jeffrey, 6 and Ollie, 15 months) have simply baffled me at times. When Jessica was young she was quiet and obedient. She would dissolve in a puddle of tears if you looked at her sideways. She had a great attention span and loved to do things with me – playing with the animals and parrots, gardening and cooking. The boys are oblivious to a dirty look and deaf to a loud and stern NO. Jeffrey wanted to cook with me when he was 3 and 4, but 90 seconds in, he was off to do boy things. So it was my longing for another little girl to do “girly” things with me that had me craving a grand-daughter, even though Jessica assured me that 2 kids was the limit.

Elly was a surprise and high-risk pregnancy. When I found out “we” were expecting a girl, I was giddy. For months I’ve fantasized about the adorable outfits I’ll dress her up in, and about everything we’ll do together. She arrived weighing 6 lb. 6 oz., the largest of the grand babies, healthy and strikingly beautiful. She rarely cries, is a voracious eater and has an easy-going disposition.

my adorable grandkids!

Elly, we’re going to have some great times!