This garden teepee was Mike’s idea last year to create a little getaway in the garden for our grandson Jeffrey. He just used long sticks he found in the woods and we planted it with beans. The only problem was that when the beans were finished, the vines died down and it was kind of boring. So this year we planted thornless blackberry bush babies we transplanted from our main batch. Once they fill in, the teepee will be covered all summer, plus we figure Jeffrey will be more excited about picking blackberries than beans. Around the base we planted strawberries and peanuts to create a border.

Update August 2012
I had some extra moonflower seeds and cyprus seeds so I threw them around the teepee, along with the leftover sweet potato plants. There’s also a plum tomato plant hiding in there that can be harvested from just inside the opening.


2 Responses to “Garden Teepee”

  1. […] had a plum tomato volunteer in my garden this year. Actually, it popped up in the border of my teepee, and I just let it stay, not knowing what type it would be. I was overjoyed when I realized it was […]

  2. Anne Rider Says:

    This is absolutely wonderful. It might inspire some of our teenagers at school to design and build/grow something along these lines for the younger students in the school grounds. Thanks for such a great idea. Anne. St Albans, UK

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