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I have been wanting to start a rosemary topiary, so I set out for my favorite plant farmer’s greenhouse that sells a great variety of herbs. Unfortunately, all they had was  small plants and rather than drive all over town I decided the $1 plant will do. It’s about 18″ tall, so that’s a nice size and a small investment, too! It will just be a little while longer to achieve the perfect look of the rosemary topiary photo at left.

I had to trim the lower branches off the little scrub bush and figured I may as well use these 3″ to 4″ long branches to start new rosemary plants, which I haven’t done before. I found 4 little clay pots, removed the lower half of the needles from 4 branches I cut off and stuck them into some compost. I should have gone and gotten the rooting hormone, but didn’t out of laziness.

Here’s the picture of the bush that was, after I trimmed it down to one little trunk. If it had been taller I would have cut the top to limit its height, but I’ll like this plant better at about 6-8″ taller. I did this 4 days ago and the little sprigs I stuck in small pots never showed any signs of stress at all. After another week or two, after they’ve rooted, I’ll move them from their current location that gets sun for half of the day to a very sunny spot, which is their preference for optimum growth. Rosemary technically isn’t hardy under 30 degrees, so they will have to move inside this winter. (I do have a trailing rosemary bush that I accidentally left outdoors last fall, and it overwintered just fine).

Now I still had those rosemary leaves that I’d pulled from the branches before I planted them, and didn’t want to waste them. I found a recipe for the perfect lemonade, and added them to the recipe. It was absolutely delicious and I hope you’ll try it.


Want to try a real treat? Check out the recipe for PERFECT LEMONADE with Rosemary


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